Move. Smile.

I once saw a meme on Facebook explaining the reason for the light in the fridge is to allow us to devour any treat we see as a reasonable satisfier for our midnight cravings (mine is usually chocolate – Cadbury Old Gold Rum and Raisin).  A brilliant concept, perhaps not the best for loosing weight, but in order to see what the fridge truly has to offer. How often are there times we go to our closet and have no idea where to find that top, dress, cardigan or pair of jeans because of the darkness of the area.
Alas, girls (and guys) there is a fix – gives you a reason to smile.

My.light launched in October allows you to guide your way to that perfect outfit just by opening the closet door or getting out of bed. The environmentally friendly LED’s are switched by motion sensor and can stay on as long as you need.

The benefit of this product is the transferability throughout the home, specifically the Bed-light range lights illuminates the path without disturbing others in the room (so they won’t find out you’re up for the chocolate – win).

A simple, easy to install, environmentally friendly and effective product!
Take a look at how to sneak your way around the house here and smile 😉

Falling for design

I have fallen in love with design and decor all over again and it is the genius behind TCHV and Tcherassi Vilato I have to thank (although I’m not sure if I’ve just fallen their vivacious nature,  their cheeky personalities or actual product – but I suppose one gives rise to the other).

Angelica and Jacob define what design should be, an eclectic expression of style, fun and quality – pushing the boundaries away from the popular Scandinavian minimalism   to embrace bold colours and fresh concepts

 Founding architect’s of TCHV  this young duo stretch the imagination to create beauty in every building or product they conceive. I’ll be honest; I scroll through interior after interior, building after building and product after product, loving what I see, but never has my heart raced faster, or eyes opened as wide as when I saw the capabilities of these two and what excites me is their ability to use shapes, lines and light to deliver outstanding designs.  It’s no wonder they feature in editorials world-wide!

To you two! Salut!

Spring is in the air! <3

Happy hump day lovelies!!
What celebrates spring better than flowers, sun and flowing chiffon?!  Socialite Angie Luna wanders the famous flower tiles our favourite and home suburb of I’Eixample.
This is my favourite outfit of the week! So simple, feminine – effortless! As you can see Angie enjoyed her time in this!












Photos and Styling: JoySusanna | Carrer de Diputacio | Eixample


Purely photos today, enjoy. JS x