Standard Sydney Sundayze

I have finally had time to get amongst the Sydney burbs behind the lens and what better day to embrace than a Sunday. A day for some; couch bound, junk food fuelled – but the perfect day to get up and about wander through local markets, drink bloody good coffee and laze around the blues of Sydney’s pristine coastline.

I’ve got your next Sunday’s ventures covered.

Who doesn’t love snagging a bargain? And what’s more, snagging a bargain at one of the most picturesque market’s in Sydney, tucked away under the Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli Market offer’s oodles of goodness from discounted designer clothing to gingerbread scented candles, not to mention the incredible range of cuisines to sustain your shopping efforts (trust me it gets lethal, espec if you’re there early!)

It’s super easy to get to via train from Town Hall – take the North Shore and Northern Line and jump off at Milson’s point.













That all can be exhausting so what better way to relax than a cheeky dip in the crystal blue water of Gordon’s bay (just quietly my favourite beach in Sydney thus far!)



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Finish the day of accomplished purchases and sun soaking with the best cinamonmn scroll you’ll ever have in your life or chocci brownie and coffee combo at Gypsy Espresso – boom! You won’t be disappointed – I promise!



Trust me you won’t hate the fact it’s 8pm and you wasted the day! Productivity is the key.

Vibes without the Tribes – A guide to avoiding the summer crowds in Barcelona

Kicking off with breakfast at Federal you know the day is going to be a good day! You can find out more about these guys on a post I featured a while back. It was a fav place for mum (when mum’s happy, errrebody’s happy!) More pics here.

Try and get here before 11 – it fills up quickly.





 Bikes are the BEST form of transport in BCN! If you want trendy turquoise wheels, we hired them from BiciRent (10E for 4hrs). Ride along the beach to Poble Nou which isn’t a usual stop, but Rambla de Poble Nou is spawling with cafes, restaurants and fresh produce. Super quiet and local vibes! We gathered our traditional picnic favs, parked the bikes and enjoyed the sunshine on a local green.







Ok, I know I did day avoid the crowds but it’s hard to deter your eyes from Borne-  the hottest tourist destinations, and for good reason. And well, it is off the main strip! One of my fav stores is Camino. Anyone who has been shopping with me in BCN would have come with me to this store! All stock produced in Barcelona, Camino is passionate about sustainability and a fabulous supporter of independent and local brands like Maians . They also have a store in Raval. 😉





HOT TIP: Mango and Zara are essential stops but to avoid the droves of teens, and tourist stores head up to Av Diagonal – it’s a little way up but you avoid the gigantic queues, get a taste of slightly more ‘real’ Barcelona (and remember you can take the stroll up Eric Granados and stop for a cup cake ;))

To reward your a day of activity,  swing by Numero Nueve for THE BEST ESPRESSO MARTINI – huge call I know but I can’t tell you how essential is it for you to try them! If coffee isn’t your thing try the Brambles, you won’t regret it!





Crazy about fabulous dining experiences?  It’s so hard to pick from the millions of culinary options BCN has to offer BUT fear not, on Friday I’ve got you covered with a food lovers guide to BCN..

Now go and do – JS style!


Barcelona – A JoySusanna Guide 1 (the places; to eat, to see and to do)

I LOVE Barcelona and being lucky enough to have lived here for six months earlier this year I’ve had some time to wander the streets and create a list of favourite spots. The amount of times I’ve been asked by friends and family visiting Barcelona to provide a list of places to go, to do, and see I thought I’d better whip up an official list. My; mum, the lovely Sue, and sister, lush looker, Beth, touched down on Monday for a 10 day Woods’ girl trip and I get show these two babes Barcelona through my eyes.

Take note, bookmark and click on my suggestions and I guarantee you an amazing experience of Barcelona!

For starters, the practicalities; airport transport is simple AeroBus leaves the airport to Placa Catalunya every 5 mins, takes approx 25 mins, costs 5.90 EURO and from Placa Catalunya every where is super easy to access.

Fun stuff; after greeting these two fabulous women at the airport (felt like a dud not having a sign) I took them out for a Cup of Tea and Cupcake at Cup and Cake along my favourite street in Barcelona Eric Granados (map here). This street is lined with; cafes, restaurants, florists and bars and only one lane of traffic so alfresco dining is uninterrupted by noise – it also gives you a break from the tourists hotspots and a real taste of local Barcelona.




It was then essential to have Tapas and Sangria ASAP, we are in Spain after all. Typical tourist fall into taking a seat on La Rambla. To say you’ve had tapas on La Rambla is cool, no doubt (I did it when I first arrived), but its over priced (duh!). I took mum and Beth to a small plaza next to the MACBA. The streets are less crowded with foreigners, full of skaters and super funky bars and cafes – get lost  in RAVAL and you’re sure to find something delicious for half the price of everywhere else.

HOT STREETS TIP: Carrer Angels, Rambla de Raval, Carrer Tallers and actually the whole lot!



 Down then to the beach, Barceloneta is crazy packed and you won’t find any sizeable spaces to catch those rays (safely, always use sunscreen kids!). We set up just under Hotel W, where there’s stylish cafes and delicious modern Spanish cuisine.

HOT TIP 1: if you eat or drink at Gallito they allow you to use their stand-up paddle board (I realise I’m not standing on the board in the photo – it was super windy yesterday, please forgive me!)! Do it yo, although perhaps on a slightly calmer day or before the wind picks up at around 2pm.

HOT TIP 2 : Watch the sunset from Barceloneta and see the sky colour change- stunning.






Beth and I then dropped mum off  home for a siesta, and we took this op to go to the Cram l’Hotel’s terrace for a lux gin and tonic (G’Vine, if you haven’t tried it before it’s a MUST!)


Over the coming days I’ll fill you in on a few local secrets.


Did you say Mrs. Carter? No – MR Carter.

 The second room is my favourite – the contrast of patterns, textures, between the central tulle pompom chandelier feature, to the full 1800’s captain’s get up and 60’s sequins lounge, tests the boundaries of design – the absolute stand out the dark and stormy ceiling.

This guy has credentials that make me shudder star stuck. Not only is this eccentric eclectic hotelier, designer and owner of Gracia’s sexiest hotel, but just add host of the infamous and bare all ‘Bedtime story nights’ which has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and Guardian  – no biggy! And I’m sitting across the table from this guy – hello! What?! Right, enough boasting.

As I spoke with him sitting in the basement kitchen surrounded by wall mounted medieval candleholders, sipping our skim lattes – he twirled his silver locks and was so expressive through his face, and hands. I was memorized and honored to be the presence of such royalty.  But more than that, I could see his mind re-living his projects with fondness and almost felt invited into the inner working of his mind.










Only if a picture could actually SAY a thousand words. 

Today started with the traditional long black (sorry Americano) accompanying my oats, yogurt and fruit- sustenance clearly prepping my brain for some serious exposure and learning. Trotting out of the my West Kensington flat armed with my Canon EOS100 in my reclaimed ‘thriller’ cut off jacket and ripped jeans I was ready to hit Victoria and Albert museum a world art collection of all mediums spanning over two thousand years for a day of learning.


My first point of call – furniture. The furniture room (for all you furniture enthusiasts – a must see whilst you’re in London, details here) at the V&A is lined with historical pieces in chronological order. Demanding attention, like it was renowned in its prime of the mid 16th Century was the Master Chair.  Certainly not my taste with dragonheads extended on the armrest, yet, I fervently wished this chair had a voice to tell me stories of its time. FYI I love a story, to me this is the most fascinating aspect of style. Most of my personal pieces are op shop buys or refurbed from lawn sales because they’re cheaper and a challenge (I still have a few unfinished projects at mum and dad’s, sorry guys) but more so; hold history, a story, another home and go down as the best secret keepers of all.



I was stopped next by William Vile’s 1762, Commode originally designed for storage of clothing and linen, grew into a status symbol and would have been pieced together with a mirror above. The gold detailing and bright fuchsia combo reminded me of my primary school days and a doona cover I used to have.



All this history was hurting my poor brain so it was skim latte and muffin time in the midday sun of the museum courtyard – delicious.



On a sugar and caffeine high, and slightly lost (because this place is massive!) I decided to stumble into the Asian history. Life; so colourful, loud and busy these paintings invited you in as a bystander involved in the processing parade and played a subconscious soundtrack of chimes and bustle.




As I explored and exposed my eyes, I was struck by the similarities in the use of dragons, shapes and colours from upstairs (I think it was upstairs, hard to tell where I actually was before – FYI never get me to navigate you anywhere).  The; Master Chair’s use of dragons and the shape of the backrest mimicking the that of turbans and jewellery worn by emperors, Commode – bold fuchsia and gold detailing similar to the vibrancy of the traditional dress and artwork from this part of the world.

So was there any link between the two? I gave a little fist pump after I read further into the British colonization of Asia. So here’s something to impress your friends at your next dinner party; from 1550 – 1900 invaders came from all over the globe to conquer the lucrative Asian spice trade, specifically what is now known as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan – this exposure to new elements, working tools and materials saw impressionism of Asia burst into the homes of British elitist towards the later stages of the 1600-1700’s – hence the dragons and gold (well that’s my interpretation anyway). Tada! Look at that we’ve all learnt something today and I’ve certainly got a few places added to my next overseas holiday.

Happy hump day!


Red Buses and Old Bridges

Hello from London! Goodness gracious I love this city!

I have received a lot of feedback on my blog to date, thank you! Trust family to be your greatest critic. I was speaking to my sister, Beth, last week and she gave me the hard truth that I need to show myself, my personality through my blog! So, dearest Bet this post is for you!

Living in Spain does come with sacrifices – espresso martinis! Any one who knows me, knows that this is my poison. I have so many great memories of sipping espresso martini’s at garden parties, girls nights, in my apartment I lived in Darwin with my sister and few other friends – you know that small or taste of familiarity and memories! YUM!
Each bar in Barcelona, when I asked about espresso martini’s I receive the strangest look! It’s completely foreign! I am crazy lucky having friends in London to show the hot spots! So, what better place to sip the greatest cocktail in the world than the 49th Floor of the Heron Tower – awesome much? Yep – AWESOME!

I have done much more than sip cocktails in high rises, here’s a few snaps of what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. Click on the photos for more details.

JS photoPhoto: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3444Photo: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3454Photo: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3457Photo: JoySusanna | London Bridge | London

IMG_3492Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3495Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3496Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3504Photo: JoySusanna | Albion | London

IMG_3524Photo: Virginia McGovern | Albion | London

IMG_3525Photo: Virginia McGovern | Albion | London

IMG_3546Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3556Photo: Virginia McGovern | Story Deli | London


Photo: Virginia McGovern | Story Deli | London

Jagged Edge

 Federal takes its name from a small town of country New South Wales in Australia, and has a sister cafe in Madrid.
The interior is a designers dream; jagged edges throughout, large communal dining and simplicity pedant lighting – felt like I was sipping my skinny latte on Swan Street.

My recommendation –  the yoghurt & granola ❤

Thank you Federal Cafe – you are my home away from home!

Enjoy – Joy Susanna











Pastels & Patterns

Nothing signifies the coming of spring more than; fresh juice, sunshine and flowers reaching to catch the first light of the season.  Cafe Cometa is that definition of spring! Patterned cushions, a parcel and bold colour pallet, drop lights and freshly picked flowers presented for each table; I could comfortably spend all day sipping my Adàn juice (strongly recommended!) or nibbling on one of their delectable homemade dulces (sweets).

Enjoy – spring is in full bloom here in Barcelona!












Photos: JoySusanna  | Cafe Cometa  | C/ Parlament 20 08015


Purely photos today, enjoy. JS x










20-50’s heaven

If you are a lover of restored early to mid 1900’s art deco, you have to take a look at the pieces in Fins de Siecles. Nicholas Vanderbeck and Michele Van Hove curate pieces to sell in their Eixample show room from mostly France and Italy. Find your special piece here –