Could we have some tomato sauce (ketchup) please?! How about “CHUCK THE SAUCE!”

Lets be honest here girls, we love burgers! And any girl who doesn’t admit that is lying (especially when we can get some street cred with a huge meat patty!) However, I won’t eat just any burger. I touched on my food ‘snobbery’ a little in my last post and I’ll elaborate on this in relation to the newest gourmet burger joint in London – Bobo Social, the gorgeous charcoal exterior on the quiet end of Charlotte street in W1.

For the new readers – a small insight; I’m a stickler (a person who insist on a certain quality or type of behaviour) for the small business. I am driven by the story of the beginning, the connection between the restauranteur and the clientele, the passion between the dream and the reality.  I want an experience! I don’t want to be a number.

So when I stumbled across, Bobo Social, the first venture of babin’ duo twenty six year old marketing executive Jacinta Madison and experienced restauranteur under Jamie Oliver, Mike Benson, I was dying to be involved. They have perfected the art of dining – from my perspective anyway. Bobo displays a small, intimate and personalised space, quality staff and, of course, exceptional food.  For a first go they have nailed it – and their sell out mid-weekly sittings are evidence of that.

HOT TIP 1 : “Debauchery” will actually be the best 20 quid you’ll spend a on burger… EVER.. you have my word!
Their wine list is specifically selected but my
HOT TIP 2:  is the Malbec! TO DIE FOR… (I could be bias because of my love for Argentinean wines!)
HOT TIP 3: The Salted Chocolate Mousse – I hear some have complained because it “isn’t ‘moussey’ enough” I say “Let’s flick the haters and grab a spoon!!”

Raise you glass to welcome the fabulous team of Bobo Social! I’m so happy to have been involved in the beginnings!