A foody’s secret to Buenos Aires

Guys, I know this is a little out of the blue considering I’m living in London, but I was looking through my old posts and found my food guide to Buenos Aires. So if you’re around those areas be sure to check out my favs !

The Pick Market

Hiding away on one of recoletta’s class filled side streets, was one of my favourite places to sip on a glass of wine and design my own platter consisting of the ingredients from the store. with an upstairs sitting area, fridges over flowing with dairy and cured treats and a cellar room to die for; this is a spot well worth an afternoon of gorging in its many delegacies. check it out http://www.thepickmarket.com.ar/


Bar Du Marche
It was the second time I had chosen a restaurant that was not longer open when a friend and I stumbled across Bar du Marche, we instantly fell in love. Only seating approximately 18 people at capacity, this intimate space enables the dining experience to be personalised as you meet the owner Juan and the fabulously friendly staff. The cheese degustation matched perfectly from a huge selection of wines. The salmon also a highly recommended choice.


Pricey, yet satisfying! Due the closure of restaurant that was previously in its place, NC F&F was a delicious surprise! The most exciting being the inventive menu. Yes, the dish descriptions sounded exquiste but, with the accompaniment of a designer sketch displaying each element made browsing the menu an activity similar to a stroll in a museum.


Oui Oui
When you’re looking for a little ambience in buenos aires, the best bet is to wander and get lost around the gourmet sprawled palermo soho.
Oui oui, a little gem that upholds delicious french cuisine in the highest regard. A place where waffles are a must and dulce de leche is a compulsory side. Also on offer an incredible cheese platter, with quaint pink chairs and open kitchen you feel like you could be stopping for a quick snack between the sacré-coeur and eiffel tower