Could we have some tomato sauce (ketchup) please?! How about “CHUCK THE SAUCE!”

Lets be honest here girls, we love burgers! And any girl who doesn’t admit that is lying (especially when we can get some street cred with a huge meat patty!) However, I won’t eat just any burger. I touched on my food ‘snobbery’ a little in my last post and I’ll elaborate on this in relation to the newest gourmet burger joint in London – Bobo Social, the gorgeous charcoal exterior on the quiet end of Charlotte street in W1.

For the new readers – a small insight; I’m a stickler (a person who insist on a certain quality or type of behaviour) for the small business. I am driven by the story of the beginning, the connection between the restauranteur and the clientele, the passion between the dream and the reality.  I want an experience! I don’t want to be a number.

So when I stumbled across, Bobo Social, the first venture of babin’ duo twenty six year old marketing executive Jacinta Madison and experienced restauranteur under Jamie Oliver, Mike Benson, I was dying to be involved. They have perfected the art of dining – from my perspective anyway. Bobo displays a small, intimate and personalised space, quality staff and, of course, exceptional food.  For a first go they have nailed it – and their sell out mid-weekly sittings are evidence of that.

HOT TIP 1 : “Debauchery” will actually be the best 20 quid you’ll spend a on burger… EVER.. you have my word!
Their wine list is specifically selected but my
HOT TIP 2:  is the Malbec! TO DIE FOR… (I could be bias because of my love for Argentinean wines!)
HOT TIP 3: The Salted Chocolate Mousse – I hear some have complained because it “isn’t ‘moussey’ enough” I say “Let’s flick the haters and grab a spoon!!”

Raise you glass to welcome the fabulous team of Bobo Social! I’m so happy to have been involved in the beginnings!












A food lovers guide to Barcelona

Hello FOOD! Some call me an absolute food snob and I’d agree, I guess. To me, eating isn’t just about the food it’s about the; company, space, vibe, the wine and of course, the food (duh!).

So, I’ve collated a few of my ‘not to miss’ restaurants in Barcelona that, I think, offer the full experience! Your mouth will be salivating at the site, and it should be. Use this guide and you won’t step wrong on the BCN food scene (click on the name for their website/directions).

 Can Paixano 

Unfortunately, I have no photos of my experience here. It’s buzzing and super cheap! Serving the typical tapas and cava, Can Paixano is a place you should schedule for a late afternoon (although the crowds were a little much for mum, it’s an experience you dare not miss!).

Brunch and Cake 

A reinvented menu with bagels, strawberry & camembert sandwiches and killer banana bread – what compliments their food is their outfits, decor and terrace; a perfect position for a long weekend Brunch – be there early, lines start around 11.





Cerveceria Catalana 

An essential stop when in Barcelona. You will have to wait a while to be seated, but trust me IT’S WORTH IT! With all the tapas you can dream of, this place is ridiculously good. HOT TIP: Wait for a bar seat, it’s first come first serve and right in the middle of the action.




Healthy, hip and hidden Cosmo is a cafe-cum-exhibition space. Great supporter of local artists and the server of the best mocha frappe I’ve ever had!




Dela Crem

Needing an afternoon pick me up? How about a Baileys cocktail and brownie? Mum’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw that on the menu. Also featuring 20 plus favours of ice-cream – you can’t make a bad selection here!





El Ville

Tucked away on Career Doctor Dou in Raval (FYI my favourite suburb of Barcelona!) you’ll find El Ville serving modern spinoffs of typical Catalan favourites – their pan con tomato is exceptional. Well actually everything is bloody delicious!




More ins and outs of BCN here! But for now I’m back in little ole London town!

Watch this space on Wednesday for two of the hottest’s new stores in London!


I scream, you scream – we scream for ICECREAM!

When someone says  “free ice-cream”, I say “where?”. Londoners came out in droves to celebrate 25 years of a staple family favourite, Magnum as they freshly dipped the infamous vanilla ice-cream in your choice of white or milk chocolate!

As a child, on family holidays, we used to stop in to the closest corner shop of an afternoon for an ice-cream or soft drink – a special treat!
My mum’s choice, always Magnum (usually with roasted almonds!). I think she ate them so often that my sisters and I are now also obsessed. So when I saw Magnum were giving away free ice-cream I was there, and I decided to mingle amongst other ice-cream enthusiasts! There is always something happening around Regent Street in summer, including traffic free Sundays featuring live bands and food stalls –  check out Regent Street guide here!










Christmas in July

It’s summer time; the sun is out, stone fruit and strawberries are aplenty and the sun stays up until 10pm. As I wander down the streets of London summer vibes are in top gear and it feels ‘squiff’  for Christmas not to be just around the corner. I decided to get my Christmas on and have a little celebratory garden shindig. My favourite addition the home made reindeers – top effort by all involved! Such a good day!

Here are a few pictures and tips from yesterday from start to finish all inclusive; Pimms, paddles and pumpkin!



Easy, cheap and effective bunting – paper doilies!



Tip of the day: roasted pumpkin with a sprinkle of lemon juice for your next cheese platter – a hit!



Nothing displays green and red Christmas colours more than strawberries, mint and cucumber in Pimms – delicious!









Hello creativity! The combination of salty pretzels, marshmallowy goodness, chocolate and SKITTLES – try these, it’s a MUST!



My Christmas favourite – ice-cream pudding. I started the day eating chocolate whilst making this, it’s how every Christmas day should start!


Keeping the guests entertained – paddle. We got to know our neighbours a little better with the amount of times it went over the fence.





 Merry Christmas (in July!)

A foody’s secret to Buenos Aires

Guys, I know this is a little out of the blue considering I’m living in London, but I was looking through my old posts and found my food guide to Buenos Aires. So if you’re around those areas be sure to check out my favs !

The Pick Market

Hiding away on one of recoletta’s class filled side streets, was one of my favourite places to sip on a glass of wine and design my own platter consisting of the ingredients from the store. with an upstairs sitting area, fridges over flowing with dairy and cured treats and a cellar room to die for; this is a spot well worth an afternoon of gorging in its many delegacies. check it out


Bar Du Marche
It was the second time I had chosen a restaurant that was not longer open when a friend and I stumbled across Bar du Marche, we instantly fell in love. Only seating approximately 18 people at capacity, this intimate space enables the dining experience to be personalised as you meet the owner Juan and the fabulously friendly staff. The cheese degustation matched perfectly from a huge selection of wines. The salmon also a highly recommended choice.


Pricey, yet satisfying! Due the closure of restaurant that was previously in its place, NC F&F was a delicious surprise! The most exciting being the inventive menu. Yes, the dish descriptions sounded exquiste but, with the accompaniment of a designer sketch displaying each element made browsing the menu an activity similar to a stroll in a museum.


Oui Oui
When you’re looking for a little ambience in buenos aires, the best bet is to wander and get lost around the gourmet sprawled palermo soho.
Oui oui, a little gem that upholds delicious french cuisine in the highest regard. A place where waffles are a must and dulce de leche is a compulsory side. Also on offer an incredible cheese platter, with quaint pink chairs and open kitchen you feel like you could be stopping for a quick snack between the sacré-coeur and eiffel tower