Red lips, hoops & a prop warehouse

Textile designer, fashion makeup artist and stylist, Maya Linhares-Marx just oozes coolness! This red lipstick wearing pocket rocket studied textile design in Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College and fashion makeup at the London College of Fashion but is known for her eye for detail, prop styling interiors and still life. Maya spends her time trawling through prop houses for the perfect styling essentials featuring anything from football stars, Christmas catalogues to storage boxes (?) – “Yep, you can get all sorts in this job”. I was lucky enough to see Maya’s perfectionist eye at work, it was a pleasure! X

 I’m a big fan here’s why –


Photo: JoySusanna
Maya selecting props for an upcoming shoot at Backgrounds Prop Warehouse


Photo: JoySusanna
Maya selecting props for an upcoming shoot. Location: Backgrounds Prop Warehouse


Photo: JoySusanna
Maya selecting props for an upcoming shoot. Location: Backgrounds Prop Warehouse


Photo: JoySusanna
My playground! Backgrounds Prop Warehouse


Photo: JoySusanna
My playground!


Photo: JoySusanna
My playground!

Did you say Mrs. Carter? No – MR Carter.

 The second room is my favourite – the contrast of patterns, textures, between the central tulle pompom chandelier feature, to the full 1800’s captain’s get up and 60’s sequins lounge, tests the boundaries of design – the absolute stand out the dark and stormy ceiling.

This guy has credentials that make me shudder star stuck. Not only is this eccentric eclectic hotelier, designer and owner of Gracia’s sexiest hotel, but just add host of the infamous and bare all ‘Bedtime story nights’ which has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and Guardian  – no biggy! And I’m sitting across the table from this guy – hello! What?! Right, enough boasting.

As I spoke with him sitting in the basement kitchen surrounded by wall mounted medieval candleholders, sipping our skim lattes – he twirled his silver locks and was so expressive through his face, and hands. I was memorized and honored to be the presence of such royalty.  But more than that, I could see his mind re-living his projects with fondness and almost felt invited into the inner working of his mind.










Just so many ‘F’ words to describe Mr David Carter – Felt, Flamboyant , Fabulous, Flirtatious, just (ph) Fenomenal.

Multiple time cover boy of World of Interiors, Elle Decor Poland and umpteen appearances in editorials world-wide, the fabulously cheeky David Carter  opened his door and shared the infamous 40 Winks hotel in Mile End with me yesterday.

Now, I have to post each room over the next few days- because there is just way too much to talk about and absorb in one post and I have to preface this post with a warning that your mind WILL be blown! Prepare yourselves. With that out of the way, I can start.
Carter’s homes have always been eager interest of others – starting with his first house in Islington, East London his first cover of World of Interior and home cum photo-shoot location-turned-hotel 40 Winks has been the set for fashion magazines and inspirational editorials for years.

It is so difficult to capture the feeling of this house in words, because you are thrown into different states of emotion from room to room and in a way, David has exposed himself though this house in his various forms. He quotes that each room allows you to reflect “where you’re at”, whether you need to be held by a space or you’re busting with life on a sunny day. You are able place yourself in the appropriate surroundings by simply changing rooms.

The first room I’m going to disclose is the room I call “morning after the night before”. I can image myself feeling sorry for myself after too many Henrick’s and needing to be comforted by the black animal hair physiologists couch feeling soothed by deep emerald wall paper but reminded of shenanigans with the extraordinary array of props; top hats, umbrella’s and antique jewellery.

This room has so many elements that I was totally overwhelmed  – in a completely positive way!

Take a look at  DC instalment one






The connection genius

I was lucky enough to sip tea at the Barcelona Maritime Museum (a gorgeous spot away from all the tourists if you’re looking for place for a sunny afternoon hideaway) with winner of Ex-T Design and Tendence Talents, Florian Gross, a man driven by finding new ways of connecting materials and create long-lasting pieces.

German born, now Barcelona based, Florian has displayed twice at Milan Design Fair and received a number of accolades for this inventive and durable designs.

Of his collection my favourites; KONNEX (displayed below) and CAPS ( featuring on Friday). Those who know me well, know I love changing the styling of a room regularly, there is something so therapeutic about it and I love seeing a space continually reformed and challenging myself to see how many ways I can structure it.

The KONNEX shelf allows for this, but also challenges the mind about a new combination of pieces and the combinations could be never-ending having up to 12 boxes to play with.

The exciting part of writing blog is discovering people like-mindedly passionate about the longevity of furniture and the use of quality materials and methods to guarantee the purchase is an investment and this guy is one of those people!

Check out more of Florian’s collections here






Move. Smile.

I once saw a meme on Facebook explaining the reason for the light in the fridge is to allow us to devour any treat we see as a reasonable satisfier for our midnight cravings (mine is usually chocolate – Cadbury Old Gold Rum and Raisin).  A brilliant concept, perhaps not the best for loosing weight, but in order to see what the fridge truly has to offer. How often are there times we go to our closet and have no idea where to find that top, dress, cardigan or pair of jeans because of the darkness of the area.
Alas, girls (and guys) there is a fix – gives you a reason to smile.

My.light launched in October allows you to guide your way to that perfect outfit just by opening the closet door or getting out of bed. The environmentally friendly LED’s are switched by motion sensor and can stay on as long as you need.

The benefit of this product is the transferability throughout the home, specifically the Bed-light range lights illuminates the path without disturbing others in the room (so they won’t find out you’re up for the chocolate – win).

A simple, easy to install, environmentally friendly and effective product!
Take a look at how to sneak your way around the house here and smile 😉

Falling for design

I have fallen in love with design and decor all over again and it is the genius behind TCHV and Tcherassi Vilato I have to thank (although I’m not sure if I’ve just fallen their vivacious nature,  their cheeky personalities or actual product – but I suppose one gives rise to the other).

Angelica and Jacob define what design should be, an eclectic expression of style, fun and quality – pushing the boundaries away from the popular Scandinavian minimalism   to embrace bold colours and fresh concepts

 Founding architect’s of TCHV  this young duo stretch the imagination to create beauty in every building or product they conceive. I’ll be honest; I scroll through interior after interior, building after building and product after product, loving what I see, but never has my heart raced faster, or eyes opened as wide as when I saw the capabilities of these two and what excites me is their ability to use shapes, lines and light to deliver outstanding designs.  It’s no wonder they feature in editorials world-wide!

To you two! Salut!

Street Talk

 Today I have exclusive photos of jewellery designer Cuca Abad’s showroom and home (..and extensive luxury shoe collection!) displaying etchings of numerous artists from around Spain, the most renowned of all Sonia Bermudez.

‘We wanted to make the walls noisy, like that of the street’s’ Sonia Bermudez says as I walk in the second floor refurbished showroom for Cuca (jewellery designer). Sonia has commissioned unique pieces all over the world for private and commercial interiors, murals, and her latests passion ‘Alto Peru Surf’. A program started as a youth diversion surf school has now extended to reach those not skilled or interested by the water sport.

Sonia recently spent three months in Peru and now focuses her attention on completing Cuca Abad’s jewellery showroom. In collaboration with others, Sonia spoke of the importance of believing and understanding the artwork and how it impacts the feel of the room in the first instance. Learn more about this selfless, passionate an talented woman at or to donate to Alto Peru Surf like their Facebook page – 

Also featured in Cucu’s apartment, fine wool artist Fina Badia –

Enjoy xx
















Photos: JoySusanna | Location: Open exhibition – Casa de Cuca Abad


Purely photos today, enjoy. JS x










NYC flavours – BCN Stylin’

A little insight into JS -I have an obsession researching real-estate and properties from around the world to see what’s out there. The other day I found this downtown New York style loft, in Barcelona and I had to share it! Now run as a studio hired per hour this refurb’d warehouse is my idea of perfect interior design, natural, simplistic, welcoming and homey. Photo credit to Studio 115, more photos here;

Love with me & Enjoy!


DTL - 3

DTL - 4

DTL - 2

DTL - 6

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DTL - 8

20-50’s heaven

If you are a lover of restored early to mid 1900’s art deco, you have to take a look at the pieces in Fins de Siecles. Nicholas Vanderbeck and Michele Van Hove curate pieces to sell in their Eixample show room from mostly France and Italy. Find your special piece here –