Did you say Mrs. Carter? No – MR Carter.

 The second room is my favourite – the contrast of patterns, textures, between the central tulle pompom chandelier feature, to the full 1800’s captain’s get up and 60’s sequins lounge, tests the boundaries of design – the absolute stand out the dark and stormy ceiling.

This guy has credentials that make me shudder star stuck. Not only is this eccentric eclectic hotelier, designer and owner of Gracia’s sexiest hotel, but just add host of the infamous and bare all ‘Bedtime story nights’ which has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and Guardian  – no biggy! And I’m sitting across the table from this guy – hello! What?! Right, enough boasting.

As I spoke with him sitting in the basement kitchen surrounded by wall mounted medieval candleholders, sipping our skim lattes – he twirled his silver locks and was so expressive through his face, and hands. I was memorized and honored to be the presence of such royalty.  But more than that, I could see his mind re-living his projects with fondness and almost felt invited into the inner working of his mind.










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