Red Buses and Old Bridges

Hello from London! Goodness gracious I love this city!

I have received a lot of feedback on my blog to date, thank you! Trust family to be your greatest critic. I was speaking to my sister, Beth, last week and she gave me the hard truth that I need to show myself, my personality through my blog! So, dearest Bet this post is for you!

Living in Spain does come with sacrifices – espresso martinis! Any one who knows me, knows that this is my poison. I have so many great memories of sipping espresso martini’s at garden parties, girls nights, in my apartment I lived in Darwin with my sister and few other friends – you know that small or taste of familiarity and memories! YUM!
Each bar in Barcelona, when I asked about espresso martini’s I receive the strangest look! It’s completely foreign! I am crazy lucky having friends in London to show the hot spots! So, what better place to sip the greatest cocktail in the world than the 49th Floor of the Heron Tower – awesome much? Yep – AWESOME!

I have done much more than sip cocktails in high rises, here’s a few snaps of what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. Click on the photos for more details.

JS photoPhoto: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3444Photo: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3454Photo: JoySusanna | Sushisamba | London

IMG_3457Photo: JoySusanna | London Bridge | London

IMG_3492Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3495Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3496Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3504Photo: JoySusanna | Albion | London

IMG_3524Photo: Virginia McGovern | Albion | London

IMG_3525Photo: Virginia McGovern | Albion | London

IMG_3546Photo: Virginia McGovern | Shoreditch | London

IMG_3556Photo: Virginia McGovern | Story Deli | London


Photo: Virginia McGovern | Story Deli | London

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