Closet Preparations

What’s more exciting than packing for a holiday? (stupid question, of course going on the holiday is the point – just roll with me on this one) To make sure I’m on the right track with my online winter purchases I’ve collated my favourite winter looks from 




wear - all black

wear - chevron blaze

wear - knit beanie & cross body

wear - leather:fedora

wear - snow:boots

wear - simply hip

wear - tartan:fedora

wear - tartan:tartan

wear- leopard:cross body

Amato Sole

After such a fun filled weekend, it’s back work prepping for Barcelona-my home in just forty-three short days!! For this latest post I have the incredible team specifically Natasha Drewnicki to thank for introducing Amato Sole in my world. I have completely fallen in love with the work of this Sicilian/Spanish partnership of Anna Maria Amato and Ramon Sole!

Check out more of their decor range




Inspire - Amato Sole

Inspire - Amato Sole - 8

Inspire - Amato Sole - 6

Inspire - Amato Sole - 7

Inspire - Amato Sole 2

Inspire - Amato Sole 3

Inspire - Amato Sole 4

Inspire - Amato Solo - 9

Photos: Amato Sole | Perill, 39 | Gràcia 

Inside JS

Today I thought I’d give you a glimpse of my stomping ground.
Mostly vintage finds but a whole array of pieces brought together from op shops to designer stores. Remember being stylish doesn’t need to cost a fortune – my favourite pieces have been next to nothing or free!

Welcome in to my world!

JoySusanna x

Boot Hanger

Close Up BH

Photo: JoySusanna | Boot Hangers

Ray Bans

Photo: JoySusanna | Ray Ban


Photo: JoySusanna | FujiFilm Polaroid


 Photo: JoySusanna | Vintage Leather Cross Body

Bed 3

Photo: JoySusanna | Country Road Lantern

Bed 1

Photo: JoySusanna | Country Road Throw

Hawk Eye

Photo: JoySusanna |  Bag SportsGirl | CandleStick Bauhaus | Vintage Fruit Crate  | Vintage Drawers

Inside Out

Photo: JoySusanna | Vintage Crate

Stacks fo Books

Photo: JoySusanna | A few of my favourite books | Apples for Jam | Silver Spoon | 365 Kikki K

EL RECIBIDOR – Fine Vintage!

When a place celebrates ‘Mad Men Day’ my mind automatically wanders into a room of dense cigar smoke, wooden sideboards,  the splash colour of the ticking orange or emerald clock! Allow your mind to go there.  El Recibidor (The Hall in English) is all this, minus the cigar smoke.

The vintage specialist store extend passion for antique finds to sharing individual stories of their collections. A house should be a story map of life whether it your own or others and I love that George, Antonio and Jorge, the founders of El Recibidor, invite us to learn and appreciate the history of each individualised piece.

There is such incredible styling genius behind this work it’s hard to pick a few but here are favourites – for more or follow on Instagram @elrecibidor



Tocador de Austinsuite

Photo: El Recibidor |  Vintage  | Tocador de Austinsuite

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.31.42 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.32.11 PM

Photo: El Recibidor |  Vintage  | Conjunto de 4 Sillas Tulip de Eero Saarinen

Rejo Verdes

Photo: El Recibidor |  Vintage  | Despertador Five Rams

Sofia Sofia

Photo: El Recibidor |  Vintage  | Sofa Cama Rojo Años 50

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.30.23 PMJarrozon

Photo: El Recibidor |  Vintage  | Jarrón Kaiser #3

EL RECIBIDOR STUDIO | Carrer de Viladomat, 9 | Barcelona